Our feeder service from Bandar Abas to Jebel Ali (Vice Versa) , M.V. Meryan 7 nominated for this route and has 2 weekly calls for each one of the ports.

Her schedule announce as weekly basis to all clients.

M.V. Meryan with capacity of 100 teus is currently operating in mentioned route and we are seeking to expand our feeder service For other ports in near future. 


PAS Shipping Agency is NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) that provides import/export transportation service. To provide the best service, we have built a strong alliances with numerous vessel companies that own reliable, competitive ocean freight transportation services. We offer a full range of services and freight management programs to meet your needs.  
- Worldwide NVOCC – FCL & LCL
- Bulk, Reefer, Dangerous, Heavy, Over size cargo
- Customs Clearance
- Vessel Charter Service  


PAS Shipping Agency provide on-time delivery of perishable commodities to destinations worldwide.

In order to meet customer’s diverse requirements, we use Controlled Atmosphere containers that maintain  ideal conditions for products.

We have arranged Reefer cargo exceeding ten thousand per year.

We ensures the best quality service to our customers


We ensures the best quality service to our customers.
We have handled several project cargoes that facilities, huge crane, marine engine, power equipment and etc.
Through understanding of global transportation system, we make the unique logistics solutions to any type of cargo.
PAS Shipping Agency provide any special equipment required and survey the route and transfer points.
From start to finish, we will answer for your any requirements.


For many years we have handled Dangerous Cargo shipment.

Under accumulated know-how, it is possible that every dangerous cargoes can be transported around the world.

We are responsible for the safety of your cargo to destination. 


Works with clients across a broad range of industries such as,
-   Rubber
- Fiber and Paper
- Garments and Machinery
- Construction Equipment
- Perishables items
We were able to consult our clients using strategic techniques to reach their ultimate goal.
The innovative supply chain strategies that we implement enables profitable growth in new and existing markets.


PAS Shipping Agency has own office at UAE and also private depot for doing all X-stuffing process.

Cross Stuffing in Jebel Ali (Changing Containers), and sending your cargo via new containers to your desired ports.

We can provide our own experienced operators, who work according to Standardized Operating Procedures agreed with the client.

Using a well-trained and experienced stuffing team leads to significant improvements in efficiency and reliability.

This ultimately results in Shorter lead times for customers 


PAS SHIPPING AGENCY, we offer logistic solutions for all or part of the customer’s logistics chain, including the collection of goods and storage or delivery to final destinations. We provide dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations, to every industrial sector. Customs bonded warehousing facilities are also available for those with special requirements.
The use of our shared-user facility is designed to optimize costs, helping keep up-front costs to a minimum. With the wide range of services offered by PAS SHIPPING AGENCY we ensure all our customer’s needs are met, at the best prices possible. The key features of our warehousing facility are :
1. Inbound, storage and outbound of bonded or free goods
2. Order picking
3. Secure storage, Customs Bonded Warehousing facility
4. Inventory management and on-line reporting


We handle complete custom consultancy ,Setting up custom of Custom Bonded / General Warehouse, Project Import Registration, Reconciliation & Finalization, and raw back / Refunds Customs clearance work involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or imports into the country, representing client during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and co taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents.    


We provide Rail transportation as follow: EXTERNAL TRANSIT BY Rail fm Bandar Abbas to CIS countries for import shipments.
Fm IRBND, Tehran & Isfahan to CIS Countries By Rail.
Fm CIS Countries to Bandar Abbas, Tehran And Isfahan. Using own wagon with special rates and best transit time that is much competitive as compare with Truck rates & transit time.
Arrange all operation by own office at above origin.  


PAS Shipping Agency offers a comprehensive range of air import and export services. We are able to match Your cargo to the best service availability on the market, regardless of cargo type or airport of destination. In addition to fast, reliable service, we strive to provide tailored solution based on the customer’s needs and cargo specifications. 

- Customs Clearance

- Sea & Air Multimodal transport

- Dangerous, Exhibition cargo